Nepenthes petiolata x veitchii BE-4047

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A horticultural hybrid and a first from Borneo Exotics.

A random selection from a huge number of different clones.

This same cross was first introduced to cultivation in July 2017 as a limited released of seed-grown individuals under BE 3787, which were added to BE’s online shop in March 2020 and fully sold out by Aug 2020. This item was first launched on the wholesale auctions in Feb 2021 and differs from BE-3787 in that it’s from a sustainable supply, being taken from literally hundreds of different clones out of microprop. The last of only ten auction batches sold in Feb 2021, and it was added to the shop for the first time in Sept 2021.

The female parent is a seed-grown Nepenthes petiolata and the male parent is a seed-grown Bario form of N nepenthes veitchii, with red-striped peristome. It forms robust attractive pitchers, with strong influence from the male parent.