Nepenthes klossii BE-3452

Nepenthes klossii BE-3452

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From a single painstakingly selected clone out of microprop. This clone is confirmed to be the pure species.

Nepenthes klossii has been nearly impossible to acquire up until this point. It has bright, beautifully colored pitchers. Tendrils and pitchers tend to be very hairy. These plants are likely to remain very difficult to acquire for the foreseeable future, which makes this a very rare opportunity.

Found in the highlands of Western New Guinea, this species remains to this day one of the rarest and most desirable Nepenthes in cultivation.

Altitudinal Distrobution: 930 - 2000m

Temerature Range: Day 73-83, Night 55-65

All plants will be shipped potted with the exception of Medium sized plants which may be shipped unpotted due to their size.