Nepenthes hamata BE-3380 (G. Lumut)

Nepenthes hamata BE-3380 (G. Lumut)

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Single best selected clone.

Endemic to the jungle slopes of Sulawesi, this well-known but hard to find plant is our best evidence of extraterrestrial contact. If you can replicate its cool, humid habitat you will be rewarded with large 6-8" hairy, vibrantly-colored pitchers with black, hooked teeth. After a few years, equally large fluorescent green pitchers appear- different but equally impressive.

Gunung Lumut form. The easiest to grow of all forms of the species. Dark purple striped pitcher body with deeply clawed nearly black peristomes. Upper pitchers are green with very long peristome claws. The photos shown here are of the actual clone, except for the shot of the upper pitcher which is a habitat shot, but looks identical to the upper pitchers produced by this item.  

Recommended temperatures: 69-79F days, 51-61F nights.

Hamata tends to prefer shadier conditions than most other Nepenthes.

Will be shipped potted.