Nepenthes ampullaria x (veitchii x lowii) BE-4027

Nepenthes ampullaria x (veitchii x lowii) BE-4027

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From a single carefully selected clone out of microprop. This particular clone was selected for its speckled pitcher coloration.

The female parent is a ‘Harlequin’ form of N. ampullaria, sold many years ago as CR-13 which has Collection ID# 1245. The male parent is a seed-grown specimen of N. veitchii x lowii, which is a remarkable robust plant, producing huge pitchers, which exude copious amounts of nectar from the underside of their lids.

As it’s a highland-lowland cross, it’s an easy grower and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures.

The first six photos are representative of the plant you will receive. The last three are of Borneo Exotics mature plant. 

Will be shipped unpotted.