Dionaea muscipula ‘Dente’

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This is known as the saw-toothed flytrap because it produces very serrated teeth. These are fun to share with your kids or your classroom!

History and care: Flytraps are native to North Carolina and can be grown outside in most states with a few accommodations. They like lots of light! Water quality is important for Venus flytraps so you will want to use rainwater, distilled, or Reverse osmosis water. They are bog plant that like sitting in a little bit of water (0.5-1 inches). They are temperate plants and will go dormant in the winter. You do not have to feed your Venus flytrap but if you wish you can feed it an insect every now and then. They will catch things on their own if they are outside.

Ours are a little leggy from lack of light but that is easily fixed. You will want to slowly acclimate them to higher light levels. We recommend partial shade with morning or afternoon sun and slowly work them up to full sun or several hours of full sun a day. You can also grow them indoors in under a strong grow light but will also what to slowly acclimate them to a strong grow light.