Inspiring Your Little Naturalists!

I have to share this amazing book I stumbled across while doing some resources research for the plant related lesson boxes I'm working on! 
The book is "Perfectly Peculiar Plants" by Chis Thorogood. This book has 63 pages of awesome information about all kind of unique plants! Sundews, Strangler fig, Saguaro cactus, Pitcher plants, Ant plants, a few orchids, Air plants, and Venus fly traps are just a few of the different types of plants covered in this book. The illustrations by Catell Ronca are also beautiful and unique! It is packed full of awesome information and I think it would be great for young children and older. It is written at an upper Elementary school level (probably 4-6 grade in mind). However, I think young children could very easily enjoy it along side older children because of the illustrations. It has a ton of great information that even a lot of adult probably do not readily know.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and flipping through all the different illustrations. 
This book would be great for teachers or parents that want to help their children explore the incredible world of plants. There are so many possibilities when it comes to using this book as a teaching tool! I plan to use it as a companion learning book for some of my lessons. If you would like to also purchase this book for your classroom or your children we have provided a link here! It is super adorable and an absolute amazing resources for children to be inspired by. 
If you have any other great resources about plants, I would love to hear about them and possibly incorporate them in the curriculum I am creating! You can email us at or message us on our Facebook page. I am looking forward to this project and excited to help inspire the next generation of naturalist. I very grateful I have come into a position where this is not only a possibility but a reality!
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