Drosera magnifica care

Drosera magnifica care

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about growing D. magnifica successfully.


We experimented with two different types of media. We used a peat and perlite mix and a mix consisting of akadama, pumice (or perlite), peat, and sand. We had much better results with the akadama mix. It was 2 parts akadama to 1 part everything else. I suspect this worked better for us because it is more like the sandstone where D. magnifica naturally grows. 


Humidity was a HUGE issue for us in the beginning. We established these plants out of tissue culture and they were incredibly sensitive to lower humidity after being potted out. We gradually exposed them to lower humidity and it took much longer for them to develop a cuticle than most of the other plants we have potted out form tissue culture. After several months of acclimating and growing out, our plants are acclimated to stay in an environment with about 70%  relative humidity.


Our green house stay around 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55 at night.  D. magnifica grows at 1,600 meters above sea level and based on that we have been growing ours in standard highland conditions.


D. magnifica LOVES high light levels. We grow ours under supplemental grow lights in the greenhouse. High light levels do seem to help keep these plants happy and dewy.


I water our D. magnifica about once a week depending on how quickly they dry out. In my experience you want to let the pretty much dry between waterings. Be sure to flush your plant often to help get rid of any extra nutrient build up. Water quality is important with D. magnifica.  We suggest watering with RO (reverse osmosis) water or distilled water to avoid any kind of nutrient or mineral build up.


I fed our D. magnifica with ground up fish food once a week. I used beta fish pellets because I had some on hand and they make a fine powder that is easy to sprinkle on their leaves. Any kind of fish food will work, you can also use freeze dried blood worms. I have also sprayed them with a diluted maxsea solution. If you decide to use maxsea, dilute it at half strength or quarter strength. Be sure to flush well the next time you water, to help get rid of any residual built up nutrients. 

Thank you for checking out the blog! Stay safe and happy growing!


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