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Nepenthes veithcii BE-4033 *SPECIMEN*

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This listing is for this exact plant. You will receive the plant pictured. It will be shipped unpotted. 

Random assortment from hundreds of different clones out of microprop.

History: First introduced in Oct 2020 from seed harvested in Oct 2016. This is the second grex we have created, the first being BE-3734 which was introduced in Dec 2016 and used different parent plants. It last sold out in Oct 2020 and returned in Oct 2021.

This item is a random selection from hundreds of different clones, being a mixture obtained from an entire single seed head. It was created in Borneo Exotics nurseries from mother plants which were selected clones from seed-raised individuals. Both male and female parents are of the Bario form of the species. The female parent is the squat pure-gold form (ID# 0225). The male parent has a gold peristome with red stripes (ID# 0210).

Peristome colouration ranges from pure gold to candy-striped and pitcher bodies vary from gold to pink, with all sorts of variations in between. Some pitchers are squat and others not. The huge number of clones involved in this cross makes this item particularly interesting, since you are unlikely to get two identical individuals.

This item differs from BE-3734 in that both parent plants are different clones and have different appearances from the parents used to create BE-3734. Therefore, the colourations and forms of individuals are likely to vary between this item and BE-3734.