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Nepenthes veitchii x lowii BE-4006 *SPECIMENS*

Nepenthes veitchii x lowii BE-4006 *SPECIMENS*

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Random selection from several clones out of microprop.

The original parent plants are natural hybrids that arose from seeds of N. veitchii. We raised only 2 clones of the parent plants and are very fortunate to have had one of them turn out to be a female and the other male. We have only ever sold only a very few of each of the parent clones as cuttings from nursery mother stock.

This is a wonderful hybrid as the photos clearly show. It produces huge pitchers and is the only plant to have caught small rats in our nurseries, probably because it exudes nectar from around the bristles on the underside of the lid, that attracts rodents, a trait it has inherited from N. lowii which evolved an amazing mutualistic relationship with the tree shrew Tupai montana.

Because this is technically N. (veitchii x lowii) x (veitchii x lowii), we expect to see more than the usual amount of variation in this cross, as it should exhibit the variability usually associated with a hybrid swarm. In other words, whist most clones should resemble the parent plants (both of which look quite similar to one another), we do expect some clones to tend towards either N. veitchii or N. lowii. At the time of launch it’s too early to distinguish this possible trait.

These are being sold as specimens so the plant you choose is the plant you will receive.