Nepenthes platychila BE-4065

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Newly described species from Borneo.  The lower pitchers are cylindrical and resemble those of N. fusca.  Upper pitchers are funnel-shaped and have an unusual very wide flat peristome which is beautifully striped with red, yellow, and purple.  Very rare.

Random selection from a huge number of different clones out of microprop.

Borneo Exotics used to sell this species many years ago as assorted clones out of microprop under BE-3266, but sadly lost it in the lab due to a fire. So, using nursery plants that were themselves raised from the same grex of seeds as BE-3266, they finally succeeded in creating this item and harvested the seeds, introducing them to microprop in Dec 2018.  

Both parents are nursery-grown plants, which themselves were raised from seed. The key point of interest for many people is the peristome on the upper pitchers. 

It's not yet known whether the upper pitchers of this item will vary much from those of the parents, but it’s going to be interesting to find out in years to come!

Will be shipped potted.