Nepenthes mapuluensis (Tabalar Mountains, Borneo) *SEED-GROWN* 10

Nepenthes mapuluensis (Tabalar Mountains, Borneo) *SEED-GROWN* 10

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A species new to cultivation, Nepenthes mapuluensis grows near the summits of a range of limestone mountains in East Kalimantan at approximately 600m above sea level. It grows in organic material (leaves/sticks/roots) caught in the crevases of eroded limestone. 

We have a very limited number of seed-grown individuals of this species and once they are sold out this species will only be available as tissue culture clones from our lab. As a result, this is a rare, short-lived opportunity to get a genetically unique individual of this stunning species!

The first photos are of the exact plant you will receive. The last photos are of Nepenthes mapuluensis we saw in Borneo. They are potted in 4" pots (not the 2.5" pots we use for most small plants).