Nepenthes lowii x tentaculata BE-3970 (LARGE ROOTED CUTTING #2) (Exact plant shown)

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Nursery propagated natural hybrid from cuttings taken from 3 different clones of seed-grown mother-stock.

This is a natural hybrid that arose from seeds of N. lowii from Trus Madi in Sabah. It has taken Borneo Exotics decades to grow these plants up to the point where they can sustainably produce from cuttings and we are proud to have persevered and reached this point. We think this is a wonderful hybrid and has rarely been observed in the wild. It’s important to note that these plants are propagated from tip cuttings and therefore produce upper pitchers from the outset. This is intentional, as the upper pitchers show the most interesting characteristics, with the flare of N. lowii and also hairs and sometimes, nectar secretions are clearly visible under the lid.