Nepenthes (lowii x macrophylla) x burbidgeae BE-3906 *SEED-GROWN*

Nepenthes (lowii x macrophylla) x burbidgeae BE-3906 *SEED-GROWN*

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All different individuals from seeds.

If you know Nepenthes, you will realise just how extremely special this hybrid is! This hybrid compounds three of the most iconic species from Sabah and has the potential to be extremely large and spectacular in every way. Also, as all three of the parent species grow in reasonably close proximity in Sabah, it’s very likely that this hybrid will have existed naturally at some point in the past.

These seeds came from a multiple pollination of a single female flower of N x trusmadiensis and as these plants are still too small to allow a positive identification, there is a small risk (we would guess perhaps 10%) that any of the plants we ship may be incorrectly labelled. The other possible identities would be either N. x [x trusmadiensis x robcantleyi] or N. x [x trusmadiensis x robcantleyi].