Nepenthes hamata (G. Tambusisi) BE-3975 *PRE-SALE*

Nepenthes hamata (G. Tambusisi) BE-3975 *PRE-SALE*

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Random selection from very many clones out of microprop.

Wonderful species with clawed peristome and perhaps the most iconic species that can be grown by most people. It’s very difficult to do it justice with a written description!

This is a triumph for conservation and is believed to be the first ever horticulturally produced N. hamata from a sustainable source. The parent plants both originate from a different mountain from any other N. hamata on the market. Peristomes on mature plants observed in the wild are sometimes red and the lower pitchers are often larger than the previously introduced form from Gng. Lumut.

We have noticed this form reddens very easily under higher light.