Nepenthes clipeata BE-4058

Nepenthes clipeata BE-4058

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Random selection from 12 different clones out of microprop.

First introduced through the wholesale auctions in April 2021.

This is the product of an horticultural breeding program and is a random mixture of 12 different clones out of microprop. Borneo Exotics is releasing all 12 clones as a random mixture, rather than releasing just a single clone and holding the others back, as they feel it’s really important for conservation to get all the clones out there, so that in time they can be flowered and more seed produced. As most of you will know, this critically endangered species is right on the brink of extinction in the wild. With 12 clones, there’s a good chance of having both male and female plants in the mix. 

Because this item is produced ex-situ (horticulturally) from a controlled pollination, we feel confident they are true, since unlike plants obtained from illegally collected wild seed, it’s not possible for them turn out to be natural hybrids.

Will be shipped potted.