Nepenthes bokorensis BE-3857 *PRE-SALE*

Nepenthes bokorensis BE-3857 *PRE-SALE*

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From a single clone out of microprop.

Originating in Cambodia, this species has been known to science for over a century but was only described for the first time in 2009. Little is known about this species in cultivation, but plants show some variation in morphology considerable variation in coloration.

This clone originates from Mt. Bokor and is a different individual from those sold under BE-3856 & BE-3858, although what differences there may be are not known at this time (Sep 2019). BE's variety ID for this clone is Q-1486-2.

This is a pre-sale item which has not arrived at our nursery yet. It will arrive to our location in mid-October and we plan to ship all pre-sale items out to customers by November 6th. All pre-sale items are listed at a significant discount compared to their regular retail prices. 
The pre-sale will close at midnight on October 13th.

All plants will be shipped potted with the exception of Medium sized plants which may be shipped unpotted due to their size. Plants sold as part of the pre-sale will not be well established in their pots and therefore may require more gentle acclimation to your growing conditions. Any orders containing a mix of pre-sale items and regular items will ship in accordance with the pre-sale timeline.

If you have any question about our Borneo Exotics pre-sale, please contact us.