Nepenthes diabolica BE-4015 *SPECIMEN*

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This is a most extreme form of the species. The pitchers are beautiful, diminutive and generally have a red hue. All have extremely hirsute pitchers, giving rise to the common name of ‘red hairy hamata’, although it’s anything but common in cultivation. It’s notoriously difficult to cultivate well and only recommended for the most experienced growers.

This is BE's clone No. 26 out of microprop and was selected from amongst all others for being the most vigorous. BE does not have any photos of this actual clone at the time of launch, but they have grown it out in the past and identified that it’s true and not a hybrid.

We have hardened and established this plant in our highland greenhouse at 60- 70% humidity, for the last several months. 

The plant shown is the exact one you will receive.