Nepenthes hamata (G. Tambusisi) BE-3975 *SPECIMENS*

Nepenthes hamata (G. Tambusisi) BE-3975 *SPECIMENS*

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BE-3975 is comprised of a random selection from very many clones out of microprop. We have noticed significant varience within the set and for this reason we have chosen to list them as specimens, allowing the customer to see the exact plant they will receive.

This form was previously called "red leaf hamata" and that name is very fitting. In proper lighting the leaves turn a deep red color which is unusual compared to other hamata forms. This form is likely to exhibit some of the darkest, most sinister-looking lower pitchers of the species. We recommend a particular airy mix, as we have seen issues arrise if the media becomes too compacted. 

This is a triumph for conservation and is believed to be the first ever horticulturally produced N. hamata from a sustainable source. The parent plants both originate from a different mountain from any other N. hamata on the market. Peristomes on mature plants observed in the wild are sometimes red and the lower pitchers are often larger than the form from Gunung Lumut.

Will be shipped potted.